Welcome to Shirdi Sai's abode at Madurai. At this Temple, Sai is adored and worshiped as Naga Sai. The protector and defender of all, whose endless and enduring faith in Him, is an assurance of their well being & prosperity. The very chant of His name evokes a feeling of tranquility, serenity and harmony.

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For more than a century,
He has blessed His devotees;
redeemed them from misery;
and rewarded them with
more than they deserved.

Ever since He appeared in the town of Shirdi,
He has become the redeemer of problems and
predicaments, for millions worldwide.
Every minute, millions chant His name
in praise, in thankfulness, and in gratitude.

His Temples have sprung up
in every corner of the world.
And His humble words of wisdom are
a daily convention for millions of His followers.

Join us as we sing His Glory everyday

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Baba's birthday coincides with Ram Navami celebrations. Hence it is observed as the birthday of Shri Sai Baba.

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Revered as a spiritual teacher to his endearing devotees, they offer special prayers as a mark of respect and gratitude.

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The 10th day of the Hindu month of Chaitra. On this day Sai Baba left behind his mortal remains, but is still enshrined in our hearts.

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06.30 am : Temple opens

07.00 am : Abishegam to

                  Naga Sai

08.00 am : Aarti

11.30 am : Midday Aarti

12.00 noon : Temple closes

05.00 pm : Re-opens

06.30 pm : Evening Aarti

08.00 am : Night Aarti

08.45 pm : Temple closes


Temple Timings

06.30 am : Temple opens

07.00 am : Abishegam to

                 Naga Sai

11.30 am : Mid day Aarti

Darshan open throughout

06.00 pm : Evening Aarti

08.00 pm : Night Aarti

09.00 pm : Temple closes

Consecration Day

The Temple was consecrated on August 31, 2006. This day is celebrated annually as Consecration Day.

Start your day with a prayer to Sai

The Sai Satcharita is a biography based on the true life stories of Sai Baba. Authored by Shri. Govind Raghunath Dabholkar alias Hemadpant, it was first published in Marathi on 26 November, 1930.

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